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We have posted reviews and information for most known diets. The reviews were written by "Chasefreedom Diet Reviews". 

This page contains links to "Chasefreedom Diet Reviews" of all the popular fad diets, low carb and glycemic index, low fat and low calorie diets, quick weight loss detox diets and juice fasts, diet software and calorie counters, online diets, and blood type diets.

Examples include Cabbage Soup, Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean, Master Cleanse, Eat Right For Your Type, and eDiets. We hope this list helps you in your research to find the best plan for you. If you cannot find what you're looking for on this page, please see the links above.


Low Carb Diets & Glycemic Index
Atkins Diet Kimkins
Carbohydrate Addict's LifeSpan Egg Diet
Five Day Miracle Glycemic Impact
Living Low Carb Prism Diet
Protein Power Radiant Health
South Beach Diet  Sugar Busters
The Zone Debunking the Zone 
Dietition's Low Carb Review  


Fad Diets
3 Day Apple Cider Vinegar
Cabbage Soup Cactus
Caveman Chocolate
Cleveland Clinic Cookie
Grapefruit Hamptons
Hot Latin Ice Cream
Idiot Proof The Laze System
Mayo Clinic One Day
Peanut Butter Perfect Body
Popcorn Scarsdale
Scott & White Seven Day
Special K Subway
Ultimate New York Utah


Low Fat & Low Calorie Diets
Abs Diet Negative Calorie
American Heart Association No Fad Guru: Dr. Dean Ornish
Calorie Density Diets Oxygenation
Catabolic Diet Perricone Face Lift
Choose to Lose Personality Type
Dottis Weight Loss Zone Pritiken
DASH Raw Food Diets
The Diet Cure Reverse
Five Factor Rotation
Flat Belly Skinny Bitch
French Womens Diet Sonoma
Hilton Head T-Factor
Loma Linda Vegetarian Diets
Mediterranean You on a Diet


Quick Weight Loss: Detox Diets - Juice Fasts
2 Day Slim Down Juice Fast
21 Pounds in 21 Days Martha's Vineyard
Beyonce Master Cleanse Master Cleanse - Lemonade Diet
Celebrity Diets Miami Diet
Hollywood Diets Robin Quivers
Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle  


Online Diets
Anne Collins eDiets
Baby Fit Fat Loss for Idiots
Change One Jillian Michaels
Diet.com Nutrisystem
Dietsmart Readers Digest
Eating for Life Web MD Weight Loss Clinic